January 22, 2022

Las Vegas

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Aria Strip View Room Tour 360 | Deluxe King | Las Vegas Strip

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@The Midlife Ride invited me to check out their Aria Strip View Deluxe King Room on the Las Vegas Strip. This video is shot in 360, so if this is your first tine, be surety swipe the screen from in all directions as I walk through the room.

Cathryn received a “deal” on the room, so be sure to Subscribe to their channel that way you can see their Aria Room Tour, but as of Oct. 7, Resort Fees are $45 a night at the Aria.

Please leave me a comment/feedback if you LIKED or DISLIKED that format for a room tour.

Thanks for WATCHING, LIKING, COMMENTING, SHARING and SUBSCIBING, and I hope to see you on The Strip, Downtown, or Beyond.


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